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 Электромагнитные парктроники 

Electromagnetic parking sensor with waterproof Antenna band strip EPS-05

Antenna strip is waterproof, avoid false warning effectively in raining condition, better than Proxel Safepark EPS-MICRO PLUS;EPS-DUAL WBD, PD1 Parking Dynamics.

The Electromagnetic Parking Sensor (EPS) is also called No Holes No Drill Parking Sensor uses unique 100% Responsive and Reliable Technology making parking Safer and Easier.  This EPS Parking sensor uses a unique adhesive antenna design that discretely mounts on the inner side of your plastic bumper.  Totally unique in design, and is a superior alternative to the older ultrasonic type sensor technology that requires you to drill 4 or 6 holes in your bumper.  It will fit any Car, Vehicle, Van, Motor home & Caravan (12V) that have a plastic bumper fitted, ensuring maximum compatibility, functionality, reliability and high performance accuracy when parking and reversing. You have no need to be concerned as 99% of vehicles have plastic bumpers.

Improves parking safety. 
Detection in all directions without dead angle. 
Minimize bumper damage. Totally built-in installation without impair overall appearance. 
Indicates object distance with different beeping frequencies. The sensor antenna activates 3 types of acoustic signals during approaching an obstacle at different distances.

Zone 1: A long interval sound of Beep approximately between  0.7-0.5m
Zone 2: A short interval sound of Beep approximately between 0.5-0.3m
Zone 3: A continuous sound of Beep approximately between    0.3-0m 

Simple and concealed installation. The sensor antenna is entirely installed inside the bumper without any drilling work. 
Maintenance free, no cleaning or washing is required. 
Fit for any car, truck, RV or mini-van. Peel & Stick Antenna foil tape sensor for vehicles bumpers. 
Wires to Reverse Lamp (12 Volts DC) 
High output Piezo buzzer alert you with a beeping sound 
Detects object at 3 feet or less 

100% Discrete! No visible parts, so only you will know it is fitted 
Maintenance FREE 
Detects children, people, vehicles, small & high kerbs, pillars, walls, fences, barriers, skips, etc 
100% Compatible, Reliable & Responsive 
No-Drill! Fitted without drilling bumper unlike ultrasonic type parking sensors 
No Paint Required! unlike ultrasonic type sensors 
100% accurate in any weather condition 
2.7 Metre Adhesive strip antenna mounts on inner side of bumper and can be cut to fit any size of bumper 
Scans & Protects full length of bumper 
3 Audible Tones alert you of your proximity in relation to surrounding objects 
Easy 3 wire installation 
Fits all vehicles with a plastic bumper including Cars, Vans, all Vehicles, Motor homes & Caravans (12V) 
Quality Products at fantastic prices! 


A. The LED display is with 7 bands warning color GREEN-YELLOW-RED and beeper warning accelerate while distance becoming closer. It is mounted on the dashboard of the vehicle . The audible tones that are emitted to alert you of the proximity of surrounding objects can be clearly heard even when mounted at the back of the vehicle close to or behind interior panels.

B. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is the 'brain' of the EPS, and mounts securely using the supplied adhesive strip either inside of the boot or behind the vehicle bumper.

C. The Antenna is a very strong and flexible adhesive metallic tape that mounts behind the bumper. The metallic tape is processed with waterproof function. Even if there is moisture or water, it still can work well. Warm notice: This is very important advantage when you park in rainy weather . we owns the advantage exclusively. PROXEL Safepark and Parking Dynamics can not make this point. Its 1cm height and 2.7m length gives you flexibility to run over bumper curves and round bumper mouldings and ensures 100% bumper coverage of even the largest vehicle, offering a full, all round protection zone. The antenna can be cut to any length in seconds.


D. Universal Installation Instructions are included enabling any basic vehicle owner to install the EPS parking sensor without any problems making the installation simple, safe and secure.

 Installation & Compatibility

Installing the Invisible Parking Sensor on cars & vehicles with a plastic bumper!

The Universal No Drilling Parking sensor is compatible with any Car, Vehicle, Van, 4x4, MPV, SUV and Motor home that has a plastic bumper and as 99.9% of cars and vehicles have plastic bumpers, you have no need to be concerned, even if your bumper appears part metal the No holes parking sensor will work. If you are in any doubt please contact us.


The bumpercare parking sensor antenna is easy to fit and requires no bumper adjustments or holes ensuring a damage free installation. The antenna is cost effective to replace should you wish to move the sensor to a new car in the future or simply require a replacement.

Mounting the Electronic Control Unit (ECU):

The Rear ECU can be installed in various locations such as inside of the boot behind the trim or inside your rear bumper with the included adhesive mount.

Mounting the LED display:

Mount the parking sensor LED display using the included adhesive mount. The volume is loud enough to provide a good warning even if mounted behind your vehicles interior trim. This connects to the ECU by push fit connection. Can be extended up to 15M and will mount in any location.

Mounting the Antenna:

Mount the adhesive metallic parking sensor antenna onto the inner side of the front and/or rear bumper (depending upon which sensor option you choose) making sure the bumper surface is clean before attaching. 

Ensure the terminal connector is on the side where you have located the ECU. When the antenna has been attached, covering the whole of the bumper from left to right (leaving approx 15cm from the edges); the excess length is cut off. Place a piece of the included adhesive material or tape at either end of the antenna to ensure a secure installation onto the bumper. Its recommended (but not essential) to cover antenna length with a black anti-rust protection paint that is applied to the underneath of a car chassis or similar to protect from the elements.

It is important that the antenna is installed at the highest part from the ground that corresponds to the furthest distance from the vehicle body as a precaution to prevent any interference from nearby metal parts. The recommended position of the parking sensor antenna is at least 40cm from ground level, with 50cm being optimum.

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